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A user has created a VPC with CIDR with only a private subnet and VPN connection using the VPC
wizard. The user wants to connect to the instance in a private subnet over SSH. How should the user define
the security rule for SSH?

Allow Inbound traffic on port 22 from the user’s network

The user has to create an instance in EC2 Classic with an elastic IP and configure the security group of a
private subnet to allow SSH from that elastic IP

The user can connect to a instance in a private subnet using the NAT instance

Allow Inbound traffic on port 80 and 22 to allow the user to connect to a private subnet over the Internet

The user can create subnets as per the requirement within a VPC. If the user wants to connect VPC from his
own data center, the user can setup a case with a VPN only subnet (private. which uses VPN access to
connect with his data center. When the user has configured this setup with Wizard, all network connections to
the instances in the subnet will come from his data center. The user has to configure the security group of the
private subnet which allows the inbound traffic on SSH (port 22. from the data center’s network range.

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