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You have a web application leveraging an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) In front of the web servers deployed
using an Auto Scaling Group Your database is running on Relational Database Service (RDS) The application
serves out technical articles and responses to them in general there are more views of an article than there are
responses to the article. On occasion, an article on the site becomes extremely popular resulting in significant
traffic Increases that causes the site to go down.
What could you do to help alleviate the pressure on the infrastructure while maintaining availability during these
events? (Choose three.)

Leverage CloudFront for the delivery of the articles.

Add RDS read-replicas for the read traffic going to your relational database

Leverage ElastiCache for caching the most frequently used data.

Use SOS to queue up the requests for the technical posts and deliver them out of the queue.

Use Route53 health checks to fail over to an S3 bucket for an error page.

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