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A user has developed an application which is required to send the data to a NoSQL database. The user wants
to decouple the data sending such that the application keeps processing and sending data but does not wait for
an acknowledgement of DB. Which of the below mentioned applications helps in this scenario?

AWS Simple Notification Service

AWS Simple Workflow

AWS Simple Queue Service

AWS Simple Query Service

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS. is a fast, reliable, scalable, and fully managed message queuing
service. SQS provides a simple and cost-effective way to decouple the components of an application. In this
case, the user can use AWS SQS to send messages which are received from an application and sent to DB.
The application can continue processing data without waiting for any acknowledgement from DB. The user can
use SQS to transmit any volume of data without losing messages or requiring other services to always be

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