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Your EC2-Based Multi-tier application includes a monitoring instance that periodically makes application -level
read only requests of various application components and if any of those fail more than three times 30 seconds
calls CloudWatch lo fire an alarm, and the alarm notifies your operations team by email and SMS of a possible
application health problem. However, you also need to watch the watcher -the monitoring instance itself – and
be notified if it becomes unhealthy.
Which of the following is a simple way to achieve that goal?

Run another monitoring instance that pings the monitoring instance and fires a could watch alarm mat
notifies your operations team should the primary monitoring instance become unhealthy.

Set a CloudWatch alarm based on EC2 system and instance status checks and have the alarm notify your
operations team of any detected problem with the monitoring instance.

Set a CloudWatch alarm based on the CPU utilization of the monitoring instance and have the alarm notify
your operations team if C r the CPU usage exceeds 50% few more than one minute: then have your
monitoring application go into a CPU-bound loop should it Detect any application problems.

Have the monitoring instances post messages to an SOS queue and then dequeue those messages on
another instance should the queue cease to have new messages, the second instance should first
terminate the original monitoring instance start another backup monitoring instance and assume (he role of
the previous monitoring instance and beginning adding messages to the SQSqueue.

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