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Fill in the blank: A(n) _____ rule is created by an administrator and is located before the first and before last
rules in the Rule Base.

Firewall drop


Implicit accept

Implicit drop


This is the order that rules are enforced:
1. First Implied Rule: You cannot edit or delete this rule and no explicit rules can be placed before it.
2. Explicit Rules: These are rules that you create.
3. Before Last Implied Rules: These implied rules are applied before the last explicit rule.
4. Last Explicit Rule: We recommend that you use the Cleanup rule as the last explicit rule.
5. Last Implied Rules: Implied rules that are configured as Last in Global Properties.
6. Implied Drop Rule: Drops all packets without logging.

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  1. Janet

    Answer should be B.

    The Security Management Server creates Explicit rules and Implicit rules. Explicit rules are
    created in the Rule Base by the administrator. Explicit rules are configured to allow or block
    traffic based on specified criteria. The Cleanup rule is a default Explicit rule.

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