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John Adams is an HR partner in the ACME organization. ACME IT wants to limit access to HR servers to
designated IP addresses to minimize malware infection and unauthorized access risks. Thus, the gateway
policy permits access only from John’s desktop which is assigned a static IP address
John received a laptop and wants to access the HR Web Server from anywhere in the organization. The IT
department gave the laptop a static IP address, but that limits him to operating it only from his desk. The
current Rule Base contains a rule that lets John Adams access the HR Web Server from his desktop with a
static IP ( He wants to move around the organization and continue to have access to the HR Web
To make this scenario work, the IT administrator:
1) Enables Identity Awareness on a gateway, selects AD Query as one of the Identity Sources installs the
2) Adds an access role object to the Firewall Rule Base that lets John Adams PC access the HR Web Server
from any machine and from any location.
3) Changes from static IP address to DHCP for the client PC.
What should John request when he cannot access the web server from his laptop?

John should lock and unlock his computer

Investigate this as a network connectivity issue

The access should be changed to authenticate the user instead of the PC

John should install the Identity Awareness Agent

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