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Which information is included in the “Full Log” tracking option, but is not included in the “Log” tracking option?

file attributes

application information

destination port

data type information

Tracking Options
Network Log – Generates a log with only basic Firewall information: Source, Destination, Source Port,
Destination Port, and Protocol.
Log – Equivalent to the Network Log option, but also includes the application name (for example, Dropbox),
and application information (for example, the URL of the Website). This is the default Tracking option.
Full Log – Equivalent to the log option, but also records data for each URL request made.
– If suppression is not selected, it generates a complete log (as defined in pre-R80 management).
– If suppression is selected, it generates an extended log (as defined in pre-R80 management).
None – Do not generate a log.

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