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Which of the following is NOT an element of VPN Simplified Mode and VPN Communities?

“Encrypt” action in the Rule Base

Permanent Tunnels

“VPN” column in the Rule Base

Configuration checkbox “Accept all encrypted traffic”

Migrating from Traditional Mode to Simplified Mode
To migrate from Traditional Mode VPN to Simplified Mode:
1. On the Global Properties > VPN page, select one of these options:
• Simplified mode to all new Firewall Policies
• Traditional or Simplified per new Firewall Policy
2. Click OK.
3. From the R80 SmartConsole Menu, select Manage policies.
The Manage Policies window opens.
4. Click New.The New Policy window opens.
5. Give a name to the new policy and select Access Control.
In the Security Policy Rule Base, a new column marked VPN shows and the Encrypt option is no longer
available in the Action column. You are now working in Simplified Mode.

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