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By default, how often are EIGRP hello packets sent on a LAN?

A. 5 seconds

B. 10 seconds

C. 30 seconds

D. 60 seconds

The EIGRP default hello time over a LAN or high-speed dedicated WAN link is five seconds.
On multipoint circuits with less than T1 bandwidth, EIGRP hello packets are sent every 60 seconds.
EIGRP sets the default hello interval to five seconds to ensure that it can quickly sense if connectivity to a
neighboring router has been cut. If a router does not hear from a neighboring EIGRP router in 15 seconds,
it will declare that neighbor as no longer reachable.
The five-second hello interval is shorter than the default values for OSPF hellos (10 seconds), RIP updates
(30), or IGRP updates (90). As a result, EIGRP senses network faults faster by default than do other
Layer 3 Technologies
Configure and verify EIGRP neighbor relationship and authentication
Internetworking Technology Handbook > Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) >
Underlying Processes and Technologies

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