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For a non-ISP autonomous system (AS), which combination of two conditions will require redistribution from
BGP into Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)? (Choose two.)

A. All routers run BGP.

B. Not all routers run BGP.

C. No knowledge of external routes is required inside the AS.

D. Routers inside the AS require knowledge of external routes.

For non-ISP autonomous systems (AS), redistribution into IGP is required when BOTH of the following
conditions exist:
Not all routers run BGP
Knowledge of external routes is required inside the AS
Note: Redistribution of any BGP routes into your IGP can cause serious problems, even if your internal
routers can handle the load. This should be done rarely, if at all. If you do decide to do this, configure heavy
filtering to allow only very few routes into OSPF or EIGRP so as not to overwhelm those protocols. For
instance, do it only for a select group of networks for which optimal routing is critical.
Layer 3 Technologies
Configure and verify redistribution between any routing protocols or routing sources
Cisco > Support > Technology Support > IP > IP Routing > Design > Design Technotes > BGP Case
Studies > Document ID: 26634 > Static Routes and Redistribution
Cisco > Cisco IOS IP Routing: BGP Configuration Guide, Release 12.4 > Cisco BGP Overview >
Information About Cisco BGP > BGP Autonomous Systems

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