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You executed the following commands to assign an IPv6 link-local address to the Fa0/0 interface of the R1
R1(config)# interface Fa0/0
R1(config-if)# ipv6 ospf 1 area 1

When you executed the show running-config command on the R1 router, you observed that OSPF for IPv6
is not running on the router.
Which of the following commands should be added to the interface configuration?

A. ipv6 router ospf

B. ipv6 enable

C. ipv6 ospf neighbor

D. ipv6 ospf cost

The ipv6 enable command should be used on R1 to enable IPv6. This command automatically provides an
IPv6 link-local unicast address for the interface on which IPv6 is being configured. If an explicit IPv6
address were configured on the interface, the command would not be required.
The ipv6 router ospf command should not be used in the configuration because this command allows you to
enter the router configuration mode for OSPF for IPv6.
The ipv6 ospf neighbor command is used to configure neighboring routers for OSPF.
The ipv6 ospf cost command should not be added to the configuration because this command allows you to
specify the OSPF cost to send packets from a given interface.
Layer 3 Technologies
Configure and verify OSPF for IPv6
Cisco > Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference > ipv6 enable

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