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An administrator is building a sandbox environment. There is one host assigned to the resource pool with eight CPU cores available. There will be two highly
utilized, identical virtual application servers and three virtual desktops running in this environment. One of the virtual desktops will be running a new management
application for the environment. Which of the following is the BEST recommended configuration for the sandbox environment?

A. Configure the management virtual desktop with three CPUs, and the other virtual desktops with one CPU each; configure one application with two CPUs and the
other application server with one CPU

B. Configure the application servers with two CPUs each; configure two virtual desktops with one CPU each and two CPUs for the management virtual desktop

C. Configure the virtual desktops with two CPUs each; configure the application servers with one CPU each

D. Configure one application server with three CPUs and the other with two CPUs; configure the virtual desktops with one CPU each


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