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An organization plans to deploy many cloud-native applications that will generate a considerable amount of
east-west traffic. The cloud-native applications will be deployed on hosts running hyppervisors.
Why would distributed routers be considered in this design?

A. Enable network segment

B. Improve network performance between hosts

C. Minimize Internet traffic

D. Protect against a physical router failure


Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) aims to isolate the failure domain of the traditional network node and to
optimize network traffic by eliminating the centralized L3 agent. It does that by moving most of the routing
previously performed on the network node to the compute nodes.
* East/west traffic (Traffic between different networks in the same tenant, for example between different tiers of
your app) previously all went through one of your network nodes whereas with DVR it will bypass the network
node, going directly between the compute nodes hosting the VMs.

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