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Refer to the exhibit.

The current software on the Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) virtual device shown in the exhibit is version
1104. The network administrator wants to upgrade to software version 1105.
What will happen when the administrator attempts to use In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) for this upgrade?

The IRF virtual device will not accept the ISSU commands. It will output various error messages.

When the administrator executes the switch over to the new master, a rollback will occur, causing the
software to revert to the previous version.

The process can complete successfully. Some links might go down, causing temporary failovers within link
aggregation groups.

When the administrator executes the switchover to the new master, an outage will occur while this master

During the member reboot, link-aggregation failover will ensure minimal (sub second) downtime:
Comware5 ISSU: Compatible
Comware5 ISSU: Incompatible

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