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Which of the following statements about link aggregation are true? (Choose three.)

A. Link aggregation can be performed in manual load balancing or LACP mode. In manual loading balancing mode, LACP is enabled; in LACP mode, LACP is
enabled too.

B. In manual load balancing mode, all active member interfaces forward data and perform load balancing.

C. In static LACP mode, the creation of the Eth-Trunk and the addition of member interfaces to the Eth-Trunk are performed manually. Compared with link
aggregation in manual load balancing mode, active interfaces in static LACP mode are selected by sending LACP Data Units (LACPDUs).

D. In dynamic LACP mode, the creation of the Eth-Trunk, the addition of member interfaces, and the selection of active interfaces are performed based on LACP


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