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Which of the following statements about VRRP fast switchover are true? (Choose three.)

A. When VRRP is used to track a BFD or EFM session, if a tracked BFD or EFM session status changes, the BFD or EFM module notifies the VRRP module of
the change. After that, the VRRP module implements a rapid master/backup switchover.

B. A VRRP backup group can monitor a peer BFD session, a link BFD session, and a normal BFD session at the same time. In addition, it can monitor the
interface status.

C. When the status of a BFD session detected by a VRRP backup group changes, the master/slave switchover of routers in the VRRP backup group occurs by
changing priorities of the master and slave routers.

D. A VRRP backup group can monitor several BFD sessions at the same time. The status changes of these BFD sessions affect each other.


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