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A chart showing the trend in the lag time from defect reporting to resolution during system testing is also
available. The chart shows that the daily closure period is consistently and significantly above the rolling
closure period for a long period of the system testing phase.
Almost all defects found during system testing have been related to the system as a whole, not related to
single units or integrations issues. Almost all quality risks have been addressed during the unit and
integration testing phase and no residual quality risks were present in the integrated system. This has been
confirmed by exploratory testing sessions performed during system testing, targeted at finding defects in
these quality risk areas.
Based on the given information only, which one of the following areas would you expect to be considered
more in the retrospective meeting in order to be improved?

A. The requirements review

B. The defect management process

C. The quality risk analysis process

D. The system design and architecture design reviews


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