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After a selection process you have selected a test management tool that is going be introduced in your
organization and used by your test team in a pilot project.
You have already identified the member of your test team who will be the administrator of the tool, since he/she has a significant experience with the administration of test management tools and so he/she is able to
make effective and efficient up-front decisions about "how" the tool will be used. You have also developed a
training plan for the other members of your test team.
In collaboration with the administrator of the tool you have also devised standard ways of managing, storing
and maintaining the tool and its assets including backup/restore procedures.
You have also analyzed standard formats supported by the tool (CSV, XLS, XML, etc.) to export, import and
archive all the information managed by the tool itself (requirements, test case specifications, test plans etc.)
for compliance with the most important test management tools, in order to minimize the impacts of
migrating this information to a new tool that could replace the existing one in the future.
Which of the following phases in the lifecycle of the new tool has NOT been adequately considered in this

A. Acquisition

B. Support and maintenance

C. Evolution

D. Retirement


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