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A recently installed application writes log data to /opt/app/log/info.log. If Filebeat is already installed and set up for communication with a remote Logstash,
what has to be done in order to submit the log data of the new application to Logstash?

A. Add an additional input channel with the option source => “/opt/app/log/info.log” to the Logstash configuration.

B. Configure logrotate to execute filebeat ­I /opt/app/log/info.log 0 after each rotation of /opt/app/log/info.log.

C. Add the log file to the path option within the log prospector in the Filebeat configuration and restart Filebeat.

D. Add a new cron job that invokes filebeat ­i /opt/app/log/info.log periodically.

E. Replace /opt/app/log/info.log by a symbolic link to /dev/filebeat and restart the new application.


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