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You support Skype for Business Server 2015 Enterprise servers in your customer’s organization. You configure dial-in conferencing. Users are dispersed in several
locations. All client computers run Windows 10.
Users report that they cannot use dial-in conferencing for their conferences.
You run the Get-CsDialPlan Skype for Business Management Shell cmdlet and receive the output shown in the following exhibit. Click the Exhibit button.

You need to ensure that users can join conferences by using dial-in conferencing.
What should you do?.

A. Associate a trunk route with a dial-in conferencing region.

B. Create a user dial plan and associate the user dial plan with a dial-in conferencing access number.

C. Associate a public switched telephone network (PSTN) usage record with a dial-in conferencing region.

D. Associate a dial-in conferencing access number with a dial-in conferencing region.


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