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You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization named Contoso.
You create an organization relationship with a partner’s Exchange Server organization named Fabrikam. The
users in Fabrikam can view the free/busy information of all the users in Contoso.
You need to ensure that the users in Fabrikam can view the custom Mail Tips configured in Contoso.
What command should you run in Contoso? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
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What command should you run in Contoso? 1

Answer: What command should you run in Contoso? 2

Box 1: Set-OrganizationRelationship
Use the Set-OrganizationRelationship cmdlet to modify existing organization relationships. Organization
relationships define the settings that are used with external Exchange organizations to access calendar free/
busy information or to move mailboxes between on-premises Exchange servers and Exchange Online as part
of hybrid deployments.
Box 2, box 3:
The MailTipsAccessEnabled parameter specifies whether MailTips data for users in this organization are
returned over this organization relationship. The accepted values are $true or $false. The default value is$false.

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