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Testlet 1
Directory Environment
Relecloud is manufacturing company that has 25,000 employees. The company has sales, marketing, human
resources, development, research, accounting, and quality assurance departments.
Relecloud has a single office located in Montreal.
The network contains a single Active Directory forest named The forest contains a single
domain and a single Active Directory site.
All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2 and are members of the domain. All client computers run Windows 10
and are members of the domain.
The Active Directory forest is prepared for Exchange Server 2016.
Email Environment
Relecloud has an Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) organization. The organization contains six
servers. The servers are configured as shown in the following table.

Which two actions should you recommend? 1

The organization has the following configurations:
EX1, EX2, and EX3 are members of a database availability group (DAG) named DAG1.
Edge Synchronization is configured for the Active Directory site.
All client computers have Microsoft Outlook 2013 SP1 installed.
All inbound and outbound mail flow is routed through EdgeEX.
Antispam transport agents are configured on EdgeEX.
Active Directory split permissions are enabled.
Outlook anywhere is enabled.
Developers at Relecloud develop applications that send email notifications. These notifications are sent by
using an SMTP client.
Planned Changes
Relecloud plans to upgrade all of the Mailbox and Client Access servers to Exchange Server 2016.The servers will host all of the mailboxes in the organization. The SMTP clients used by the development
department users will use the new email servers to relay email messages.
Connectivity Requirements
Relecloud identifies the following connectivity requirements:
The default connection method for the Outlook clients must be MAPI over HTTP.
All Exchange ActiveSync users must be prevented from sending email messages that are larger than 1 MB.
Compliance Requirements
Relecloud identifies the following connectivity requirements:
Prevent all users in the organization from deleting email messages that contain the word RelecloudFutures.
Log all of the details that relate to the creation of new mailboxes.
Availability Requirements
Relecloud identifies the following availability requirements:
Implement a new Exchange Server 2016 DAG.
Maintain multiple copies of the mailbox information during the upgrade process to Exchange Server 2016.


You are planning the deployment of the Exchange servers.
You need to recommend which configurations must be performed after the installation of Exchange Server
2016 to ensure that the users can access the mailboxes without receiving error messages.
Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

Add the new server to the Exchange Servers group.

Create a Send Connector.

Import the certificate from EX3 and assign the certificate.

Configure the virtual directory URLs.

Create a Receive Connector.


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