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Testlet 1
Fabrikam, Inc. is an international manufacturing company that has 5,000 employees. The company has sales,
marketing, research, and human resources departments.
Fabrikam has two main offices and three branch offices. The main offices are located in New York and London.
The branch offices are located in Seattle, Montreal, and Paris.
The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link. Each office connects directly to the Internet. The WAN
connections from the main offices to the branch offices are reliable.
Existing Environment
Exchange Environment
The Exchange Server organization contains servers that have either Exchange Server 2010 or Exchange
Server 2013 installed. Each main office contains two Exchange Server 2013 servers. Each branch office
contains one Exchange Server 2010 server.
MX records are configured to deliver email to the offices in New York and London. Email is delivered to the
London office only if the New York office is unavailable.
Each office is configured to use a separate namespace for client access. The New York office is configured to
use a namespace of
The servers in the New York and London offices are members of a database availability group (DAG). Each
mailbox database in the New York and London offices has three copies.
The technical support staff in the branch offices have administrative access to the existing Exchange servers
and are assigned Organization Management permissions.
Users from the sales department frequently send email messages that contain the Social Security number of
customers in the United States.
Problem Statements
Fabrikam identifies the following issues on the network:
Users in the Paris office report that when launching Microsoft Outlook, they receive a security alert indicating
a certificate name mismatch. The security alert is not generated when they connect to Outlook Web Access.
Users from the other offices do not report receiving the security alert.
Network administrators report that the mailbox databases in the New York office sometimes activate on the
Exchange servers in the London office, resulting in poor performance for the New York office users.
Planned Changes
Fabrikam plans to implement the following changes to the network:
Upgrade the organization to Exchange Server 2016 during the next six months.
Enable online document viewing and editing from Outlook on the web.
High Availability Requirements
Fabrikam identifies the following high-availability requirements for the planned deployment:
Mailbox databases that contain mailboxes for the New York office users must only be activated on the
servers in the London office manually.
All client access connections to the London and New York offices must use load-balanced namespaces.
The load balancing mechanism must perform health checks.Security and compliance requirements
Fabrikam identifies the following security and compliance requirements:
After the planned upgrade, the maximum mailbox size must be 5 GB.
Administrators from the branch offices must be able to view the mailbox properties and reset the passwords
of the users, but must be prevented from changing the mailbox database configurations.
Users who are involved in legal disputes with customers must be prevented from permanently deleting email
messages pertaining to the dispute. The users must be able to delete all other messages permanently.
If a user enters a Social Security number in an email message addressed to an external recipient, the user
must receive a notification before sending the message. If the user sends the message, the message must
not be delivered. A compliance officer must be notified of the violation.
Connectivity requirements
Fabrikam identifies the following connectivity requirements:
Connections for inbound and outbound email must be initiated and terminated from an Edge Transport
server in the perimeter network.
All external client connections from the branch office users must be proxied from the New York office to the
branch offices.
The number of namespaces used for client access must be minimized.


You need to recommend changes to the messaging infrastructure. The changes must meet the connectivity
requirements after the planned upgrade.Which two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

From the Mailbox servers, import the Edge Subscription file.

On the Edge Transport Servers, start Edge Synchronization.

On the Edge Transport servers, import the Edge Subscription file.

On the Edge Transport servers, create an Edge Subscription file.

On the Mailbox servers, restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service.

Edge Subscriptions are used to populate the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) instance
on the Edge Transport server with Active Directory data. Although creating an Edge Subscription is optional,
subscribing an Edge Transport server to the Exchange organization provides a simpler management
experience and enhances antispam features.
To deploy an Edge Transport server and subscribe it to an Active Directory site, follow these steps:
1. Install the Edge Transport server role.
2. Prepare for the Edge Subscription:
3. On the Edge Transport server, create and export an Edge Subscription file by running the NewEdgeSubscription cmdlet.
4. Copy the Edge Subscription file to a Mailbox server or a file share that’s accessible from the Active Directory
site containing your Mailbox servers.
5. Import the Edge Subscription file to the Active Directory site by running the New-EdgeSubscription cmdlet
on the Mailbox server.
* Scenario: : Fabrikam connectivity requirements include:
Connections for inbound and outbound email must be initiated and terminated from an Edge Transport server
in the perimeter network.

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