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You have an Exchange Server 2016 organization. The organization contains an Edge Transport server.
Users report that a message with the following anti-spam headers is delivered to their Inbox folder in Microsoft
X-MS-Exchange-Organization–Antispam-Report: DV: 3.1.3924.1409; SID:
SenderIDStatus Fail; PCL: PhishingLevel SUSPICIOUS; CW: CustomList; PP:
Presolved; TIME: TimeBasedFeatures
You need to prevent similar messages from being delivered. The solution must generate a non-delivery report
(NDR) when the messages are prevented from being delivered to all user mailboxes.
What should you do?

Set the SCL reject threshold to 7.

Run the Set-SenderIdConfig cmdlet.

Set the SCL delete threshold to 7.

Run the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet.

Run the Set-RecipientFilterConfig cmdlet.

Set the SCL delete threshold to 5.

When the message’s SCL value is greater than or equal to the SCL reject threshold, but less than the SCL
delete threshold, the Content Filter agent rejects the message and sends a rejection response to the sending
system. You can customize the rejection response. In some cases, a non-delivery report (also known as an
NDR, delivery status notification, DSN, or bounce message) is sent to the original sender of the message.

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