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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2. The domain contains four servers. The servers are
configured as shown in the following table.

On which server should you install IPAM? 1

You need to deploy IP Address Management (IPAM) to manage DNS and DHCP.
On which server should you install IPAM?

A. Server1

B. Server2

C. Server3

D. Server4


An IPAM server is intended as a single-purpose server. It is not recommended to collocate other network infrastructure roles such as DNS or DHCP on the same
server. IPAM installation is not supported on a domain controller, and discovery of DHCP servers will be disabled if you install IPAM on a server that is also running
the DHCP Server service. The following features and tools are automatically installed when you install IPAM Server.
Reference: IPAM Deployment Planning

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