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You have a server named DC2 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. DC2 contains a DNS zone named The zone is shown in the exhibit.
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What should you configure? 1

You need to configure DNS clients to perform DNSSEC validation for the DNS domain.
What should you configure?

A. The Network Location settings

B. A Name Resolution Policy

C. The DNS Client settings

D. The Network Connection settings

The NameResolutionPolicy Table (NRPT) is a table that contains rules you can configure to specify DNS settings or special behavior for names or namespaces.
The NRPT can be configured using Group Policy or by using the Windows Registry.

What should you configure? 2

Incorrect Answers:
C: Client component that resolves and caches Domain Name System (DNS) domain names. When the DNS Client service receives a request to resolve a DNS
name that it does not contain in its cache, it queries an assigned DNS server for an IP address for the name
D: Network connections make it possible for computers to access resources on the network and the internet

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