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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named All domain controllers run Windows Server 2012 R2. The domain contains two
organizational units (OUs) named OU1 and OU2 in the root of the domain. Two Group Policy objects (GPOs) named GPO1 and GPO2 are created. GPO1 is linked
to OU1. GPO2 is linked to OU2.
OU1 contains a client computer named Computer1. OU2 contains a user named User1.
You need to ensure that the GPOs Applied to Computer1areApplied to User1 when User1 logs on.
What should you configure?

A. Item-level targeting

B. Block Inheritance

C. GPO links

D. The Enforced setting

You can use item-level targeting to change the scope of individual preference items, so they apply only to selected users or computers.

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