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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named The forest contains four domains. All servers run Windows Server 2012 R2.
Each domain has a user named User1.
You have a file server named Server1 that is used to synchronize user folders by using the Work Folders role service.
Server1 has a work folder named Sync1.
You need to ensure that each user has a separate folder in Sync1.
What should you do?

A. From Windows Explorer, modify the Sharing properties of Sync1.

B. Run the Set-SyncServerSetting cmdlet.

C. From File and Storage Services in Server Manager, modify the properties of Sync1.

D. Run the Set-SyncShare cmdlet.

The Set-SyncShare cmdlet modifies the settings for a sync share.
Example: Modify a sync share to add a user group
This example modifies settings on the share named Share01, and enables the user group named ContosoEngGroup to access the share.
The first command uses the Get-SyncShare cmdlet to retrieve the sync share for Share01, and assigns the results to the variable$Current.
The second command uses the Set-SyncShare cmdlet to modify the sync share and add the current user and the ContosoEngGroup to the list of users allowed to
access the share.

What should you do? 1

References: Set-SyncShare

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