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Your network contains two Active Directory forests named and All of the domain controllers in both of the forests run Windows Server
2012 R2. The domain contains a file server named Servers. has a one-way forest trust to
A user name User10 attempts to access a shared folder on Servers and receives the error message shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.)

What should you do? 1

You verify that the Authenticated Users group has Read permissions to the Data folder.
You need to ensure that User10 can read the contents of the Data folder on Server5 in the domain.
What should you do?

A. Grant the Other Organization group Read permissions to the Data folder.

B. Modify the list of logon workstations of the contoso\User10 user account.

C. Enable the Netlogon Service (NP-In) firewall rule on Server5.

D. Modify the permissions on the Server5 computer object in Active Directory.

* To resolve the issue, I had to open up AD Users and Computers –> enable Advanced Features –> Select the Computer Object –> Properties –> Security –> Add
the Group I want to allow access to the computer (in this case, DomainA\Domain users) and allow “Allowed to Authenticate”. Once I did that, everything worked:
* For users in a trusted Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003 domain or forest to be able to access resources in a trusting Windows Server 2008 or
Windows Server 2003 domain or forest where the trust authentication setting has been set to selective authentication, each user must be explicitly granted the
Allowed to Authenticate permission on the security descriptor of the computer objects (resource computers) that reside in the trusting domain or forest.
Reference: Grant the Allowed to Authenticate Permission on Computers in the Trusting Domain or Forest.

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