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You have a server named Server1.
A Microsoft Azure Backup of Server1 is created automatically every day.
You rename Server1 to Server2.

You discover that backups are no longer created in Azure.
You need to back up the server to Azure.
What should you do?

A. From the Azure Management Portal, modify the configuration of backup vault.

B. On Server2, run the Add-WBBackupTarget cmdlet.

C. On Server2, run the Start-OBRegistration cmdlet.

D. From the Azure Management Portal, upload the Server2 certificate as a management certificate.

The Start-OBRegistration cmdlet registers the server with using the vault credentials downloaded during enrollment.
What happens if I rename a Windows server that is backing up data to Azure?
Any currently configured backups will be stopped. You will need to reregister the server with the backup vault and it will be considered a new server by Recovery
Services, so the first backup operation that occurs after registration will be a full backup of all of the data included in the backup instead of just the changes since
the last backup occurred. However, if you need to perform a recovery operation you can recover the data that has been backed up using Recover from another
server recovery option. For more information, see Rename a server.

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