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Your network contains one Active Directory forest named

The forest contains a single domain.
The domain contains the domain controllers is configured as shown in the following table.

What should you do? 1

The replication topology is configured as shown in the following output.

What should you do? 2

You discover that replication between Dc1 and DC3 takes a few hours.
You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to replicate Active Directory changes between DC1 and DC3.
What should you do?

A. Create a site link that connects Site1 and Site3, has a cost of 350, and replicates every 15 minutes.

B. Modify SiteLink4 to replicate every 15 minute.

C. Disable Site Link bridging.

D. Set the cost of SiteLink4 to 100.

E. Set the cost of SiteLink2 to 10

F. Set the cost of SiteLink1 to 50


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