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Your company has a main office and a branch office.
The main office contains a file server named Server1. Server1 has the BranchCache for Network Files role service installed. The branch office contains a server
named Server2. Server2 is configured as a BranchCache hosted cache server.
You need to preload the data from the file shares on Server1 to the cache on Server2.
What should you run first?

A. Publish-BCFileContent

B. Add- BCDataCacheExtension

C. Set-BCCache

D. Export-BCCachePackage


See step 2 below.
To prehash content and preload the content on hosted cache servers
1. Log on to the file or Web server that contains the data that you wish to preload, and identify the folders and files that you wish to load on one or more remote
hosted cache servers.
2. Run Windows PowerShell as an Administrator. For each folder and file, run either the Publish-BCFileContent command or the Publish-BCWebContent
command, depending on the type of content server, to trigger hash generation and to add data to a data package.
3. After all the data has been added to the data package, export it by using the Export- BCCachePackage command to produce a data package file.
4. Move the data package file to the remote hosted cache servers by using your choice of file transfer technology. FTP, SMB, HTTP, DVD and portable hard disks
are all viable transports.
5. Import the data package file on the remote hosted cache servers by using the Import- BCCachePackage command.
Reference: Prehashing and Preloading Content on Hosted Cache Servers (Optional)

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