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Your network contains one Active Directory forest named The forest contains two child domains and six domain controllers. The domain controllers
are configured as shown in the following table.

What should you use? 1

You need to enable universal group membership caching for the Europe office and Asia office sites.
What should you use?

A. Set-ADSite

B. Set-ADReplicationSite

C. Set-ADDomain

D. Set-ADReplicationSiteLink

E. Set-ADGroup

F. Set-ADForest

G. Netdom


The Set-ADReplicationSite cmdlet is used to set the properties for an Active Directory site that is being used for replication.
Parameter: -UniversalGroupCachingEnabled<Boolean>
Indicates whether the cmdlet enables universal group caching. If this parameter is true, it indicates this site caches universal groups, which are those groups
cached on global catalog (GC) servers. It can be useful in sites with no GC servers available locally.

Reference: Technet, Set-ADReplicationSite

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