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Your network contains one Active Directory forest named The forest contains two child domains and six domain controllers. The domain controllers
are configured as shown in the following table.

What should you use? 1

You create a trust between and a domain in another forest at a partner company.
You need to prevent the and the names from being used in authentication requests across the forest trust.
What should you use?

A. Set-ADSite

B. Set-ADReplicationSite

C. Set-ADDomain

D. Set-ADReplicationSiteLink

E. Set-ADGroup

F. Set-ADForest

G. Netdom


The Netdom trust command establishes, verifies, or resets a trust relationship between domains.
Parameters include /RemoveTLNEX:
Removes the specified top level name exclusion (DNS Name Suffix) from the forest trust info from the specified trust. Valid only for a forest transitive non-Windows
realm trust and can only be performed on the root domain for a forest.
Reference: Netdom trust

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