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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains an IP Address Management (IPAM) server that uses a Windows
Internal Database.
You install a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 instance on a new server.
You need to migrate the IPAM database to the SQL Server instance.
Which cmdlet should you run?

A. Disable-IpamCapability

B. Set-IpamConfiguration

C. Update-IpamServer

D. Move-IpamDatabase

The Move-IpamDatabase cmdlet migrates the IP Address Management (IPAM) database to a Microsoft SQL Server database. You can migrate from Windows
Internal Database (WID) or from a SQL Server database. The cmdlet creates a new IPAM schema and copies all data from the existing IPAM database. After the
cmdlet completes copying data, it changes IPAM configuration settings to refer to the new database as the IPAM database.
Reference: Move-IpamDatabase

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