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Your network contains one Active Directory domain. The domain contains two Hyper-V hosts named Host1 and Host2 that run Windows Server 2012 R2.
Host1 contains a virtual machine named VM1.
You plan to move VM1 to Host2.
You need to generate a report that lists any configuration issues on Host2 that will prevent VM1 from being moved successfully.
Which cmdlet should you use?

A. Move-VM

B. Test-VHD

C. Debug-VM

D. Compare-VM

The Compare-VM cmdlet compares a virtual machine and a virtual machine host for compatibility, returning a compatibility report. This is useful when trying to
import or migrate a virtual machine that is incompatible with the target Hyper-V server.
Incorrect Answers:
A: The Move-VM cmdlet moves a virtual machine to a new Hyper-V host.
The parameter -CompatibilityReport<VMCompatibilityReport> specifies a compatibility report which includes any adjustments required for the move. This report
must first be generated by the Compare-VM command.
B: The Test-VHD cmdlet tests a virtual hard disk, not a virtual machine which is what we are handling here, for any problems that would make it unusable.
Reference: Technet, Compare-VM

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