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You manage an environment that has many servers.
The servers run Windows Server 2012 R2 and use iSCSI storage.
Administrators report that it is difficult to locate available iSCSI resources on the network.
You need to ensure that the administrators can locate iSCSI resources on the network by using a central repository.
Which feature should you deploy?

A. The iSCSI Target Server role service

B. The iSNS Server service feature

C. The Windows Standards-Based Storage Management feature

D. The iSCSI Target Storage Provider feature

Incorrect Answers:
A: iSNS facilitates automated discovery, management, and configuration of iSCSI and Fibre Channel devices (using iFCP gateways) on a TCP/IP network.
C: Windows Server 2012 R2 enables storage management that is comprehensive and fully scriptable, and administrators can manage it remotely
D: iSCSI Target Server enables you to network boot multiple computers from a single operating system image that is stored in a centralized location

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