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You are employee as a network administrator at has an active directory domain named All servers on the network have
Windows Server 2012 R2 installed and all workstations have windows 8 enterprise installed. has established a remote Active directory site that only host
workstations. The Computer accounts for these workstations have been placed in an organizational unit (OU), named ABCAD Remote, which has a group policy
object (GPO) associated with it.
You are in the process of configuration Branchcahce for the remote Active directory site.
You have Already turned Branchcache on.
Which of the following actions should you take next_?

A. You Should consider having the set Branchcache HostedServer Cache mode setting configured.

B. You Should consider having the set Branchcache Hostedclient Cache mode setting configured

C. You Should consider having the set Branchcache distributed cache mode setting configured

D. You should consider having the set BranchCache disabled cache mode settings configured


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