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You are employed as a network administrator at has a single Active Directory domain named
All servers on the network have Windows Server 2012 R2 installed.
You are preparing to install a third-party application on a server, named SERVER1.
You find that the application is unable to install completely due to its driver not being digitally signed.
You want to make sure that the application can be installed succesfully.
Which of the following actions should you take_?

A. You should consider downloading a signed driver

B. You should consider having SERVER1 is restored to an earlier date

C. You should consider making use ofthe Disable Driver Signature Enforcement option from the Advanced Boot Option.

D. You should consider restarting SERVER1 in safe Mode

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement from Advanced Boot Options allows the OS to load without the signed driver requirements.

Which of the following actions should you take_? 1

Incorrect Answers:
A: The 3rd Party installation would need to be repackaged with a signed driver.
B: The restore to an older date would only work if the earlier date had Driver Sig Enforcement disabled.
D: Safe Mode will not allow the unsigned driver to be installed, you need to select Disable Driver
Signature Enforcement to not required signed drivers

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