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You work as an administrator at network consists of a single domain named
All servers on the network have Windows Server 2012 R2 installed. has a server, named SERVER1, which has the AD DS, DHCP and
DNS server roles installed. also has a server named SERVER2, which has the DHCP and Remote Access Server Role installed.
You have configured a server,which has the File and Storage Services Server role automatically acquire an IP address.
The server is named Server3.
You then create a filter on SERVER1.
Which of the following is a reason for this configuration?

A. To make sure that SERVER1 issues Server3 an IP address.

B. To make sure that SERVER1 does not issue SERVER3 an IP address

C. To make sure that SERVER3 acquires a constant IP address from SERVER2 only.

D. To make sure that SERVER3 is configured with a static IP address

Deny Filter would not allow SERVER1 to issue SERVER3 an IP

Incorrect Answers:
A: MAC Address Filtering allows the ability to Deny a MAC addresses to be issued a IP from the DHCP server
C: A DHCP Reservation onSERVER2 would be needed for a constant IP
D: QUESTION: states it is configured to automatically acquire IP

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