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You are employed as a network administrator at has a single Active Directory domain named
All servers on the network have Windows Server 2012 R2 installed. has two servers, named server1 and server2 which are configured in a two-node fail over cluster.
You are currently configuration the quorum settings for the cluster.
You want to make use of a quorum mode that allows each node to vote if it is available and in communication.
Which of the following is the mode you should use?

A. Node Majority

B. Node and Disk Majority

C. Node and File Share Majority

D. No Majority: Disk Only

Allows each node to vote

Which of the following is the mode you should use? 1

Incorrect Answers:
B. Allows each node and a disk witness to vote
C. Allows each node and a File share witness to vote
D. Allows one node with a specified disk to have quorum

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