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You are employed as a network administrator at has an Active Directory domain named. all servers on the network have Windows Server 2012 R2.
You are running a training exercise for junior network administrators.
You are currently discussing DHCP failover architecture.
You have informed the trainees that DHCP servers can be deployed as fail over partners in either hot standby mode or load sharing mode.
Which of the following is TRUE with regards to hot standby mode? (Choose all that apply)

A. It is when two servers function in a fail over relationship where an active server is responsible for leasing IP address and configuration datato all clientsin a
scope or subnet

B. It when two servers in a fail over relationship server IP addresses and options to clients on a given subnet at the same time

C. It is best suited to deployments where a data center server acts as a standby backup server to a serverat a remote site

D. It is best suited deployments where both servers in a fail over relationship are located at the same physical site


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