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You have 20 servers that run Windows Server 2012 R2.
You need to create a Windows PowerShell script that registers each server in Microsoft Azure Backup and sets an encryption passphrase.
Which two PowerShell cmdlets should you run in the script? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. New-OBPolicy

B. New-OBRetentionPolicy

C. Add-OBFileSpec

D. Start-OBRegistration

E. Set OBMachineSetting

D. Start-OBRegistration
Registers the current computer with Windows Azure Online Backup using the credentials (username and password) created during enrollment.
E. The Set-OBMachineSetting cmdlet sets a OBMachineSetting object for the server that includes proxy server settings for accessing the internet, network
bandwidth throttling settings, and the encryption passphrase that is required to decrypt the files during recovery to another server.
Incorrect Answers:
C. TheAdd-OBFileSpec cmdlet adds the OBFileSpecobject, which specifies the items to include or exclude from a backup, to the backup policy (OBPolicyobject).
The OBFileSpecobject can include or exclude multiple files, folders, or volumes. T
References: Start-OBRegistration; Set OBMachineSetting

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