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A company has a single-forest and single Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain named that runs Windows 2012 Server. The AD DS
forest functional level and the domain functional level are both set to Windows 2008 R2. You use IP Address Management (IPAM) as the IP management solution.
You have two DHCP Servers named DHCP1 and DHCP2, and one IPAM server named IPAM1.
The company plans to acquire a company named Contoso, Ltd., which has a single-forest and single-domain AD DS named The forest functional
level and domain functional level of is set to Windows 2008. All servers at Contoso run Windows Server 2008. The IP management solution at
Contoso is based on a single DHCP server named SERVER3.

What should you recommend? 1

The total number of users in both companies will be 5000.
You have the following requirements:
The solution must be able to allocate up to three IP addresses per user.
All IP address leases must be renewed every two days.
You need to ensure that the corresponding servers will have enough capacity to store six years of IP utilization data and eight months of event catalog data.
What should you recommend?

A. Add at least 20 GB of storage to the IPAM server.

B. Migrate to

C. Establish a forest trust between and

D. Upgrade SERVER3 to Windows Server 2012.


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