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You are configuring a RAID 5 solution on a server running Windows Server 2016. You are using five 750GB
hard drives in the RAID array.
How much free space will you get after configuring the RAID 5 solution?

A. 2,250

B. 1,500

C. 3,000

D. 3,750

After configuring the RAID 5 solution, you get 3,000GB free space.
You can calculate free space for a RAID 5 solution using the following formula:
Available free space for RAID 5 = Total drive space – 1/n (Total drive space) where, n is the number of hard
According to the question: = 5 x 750 = 3,750GB
Free space for the RAID 5 solution = 3,750 – 1/5 (3,750) = 3,750 ­ 750 = 3,000GB

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