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You are an IT intern for Tailspin Toys.
Your manager attends a conference out of town and wants you to perform routine maintenance directly on a
Windows Server 2016 server console.
Because you have restricted access, you need your manager to enter credentials at a UAC prompt in your
What should you do?

A. Have your manager use Server Manager to connect to the server.

B. Have your manager use Remote Administration to connect to the server.

C. Send a Remote Assistance request to your manager.

D. Have your manager use Remote Desktop to connect to the server.

With Remote Assistance the manager can take control of your computer and enter the password.
Note: Remote Assistance enables a trusted person (a friend, support person, or IT administrator) to
remotely and activelyassistssomeone with a computer problem. The helper (also called an expert) can view
the screen of the user requesting assistance and offer advice. With the permission of the user, the helper
can take control of the user’s computer and perform tasks remotely.
References: Administering Remote Assistance

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