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You are working on a Windows 2016 environment.
You find that some applications are not responding while creating a project. You want to terminate these
applications anyhow and start a new session.
What will you do to accomplish the task?

A. Use Device Manager.

B. Use Network Monitor.

C. Use System Monitor.

D. Use Task Manager.

In order to accomplish the task, you should use Task Manager. A task manager is a program used to
provide information about the processes and programs running on a computer, as well as the general
status of the computer. It can also be used to terminate processes and programs, as well as change the
processes priority. The task manager is most commonly accessed by pressing the buttons Control-Alt-Delete. Task manager also displays all the services that are currently running as well as those that were
stopped. All information’s about the services such as Process ID and their group if they are applicable.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Device Manager is a tool that can be used to manage devices on a computer. Using Device Manager,
users can view and change device properties, update device drivers, configure device settings, and
uninstall devices. Device Manager is organized in a tree format with the top branches representing device
categories. Users can use Device Manager to identify port resource conflicts. Device Manager can also be
used to enable or disable a device.
B: Network Monitor is a tool used to monitor data sent and received by the local computer.
Network Monitor can perform the following functions:
Capturing or tracing data and filtering it based on different attributes.
Monitoring throughput based on bytes or frames.
Monitoring bandwidth based on percentage of the network used.
Monitoring errors, which can be a possible consequence of an overloaded network.
C: System Monitor is a Windows utility that enables users to monitor server activity and performance using
predefined objects and counters or user-defined counters. It tracks items such as, I/O, memory usage, user
connections, and locks. Although it can monitor the number of locks held, it cannot be used to capture
information on particular locks and activities.

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