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You work as a System Administrator for company Inc. The company has a Windows 2016 Active Directory
network. The company purchases twenty new computers.
The management instructs you to deploy Windows Server 2016 on all the new computers. You install
Windows PE on all computers. You want to control whether a customized shell is loaded in Windows PE
instead of the default Command Prompt window.
Which of the following commands will you use to accomplish the task?

A. Wpeinit

B. Winpeshl

C. Wpeutil

D. Oscdimg

Winpeshl is used to control whether a customized shell is loaded in Windows PE in place of the default
Command Prompt window. In order to load a customized shell, create a file named Winpeshl.ini and put it
in %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 of the customized Windows PE image.
A: Wpeinit is a command-line tool that is used to initialize Windows PE each time it boots. When Windows
PE starts, Winpeshl.exe executes Starnet.cmd, which launches Wpeinit.exe. Wpeinit replaces the
initialization function previously supported in Factory.exe ­ winpe. Wpeinit saves the log messages to C:
Wpeinit can be executed manually from a Windows PE Command Prompt window to process a custom
answer file. Wpeinit.exe accepts one option called ­unattend.
The parameter can be specified in one of the following four ways:
1. wpeinit ­unattend=<path\unattend>
2. wpeinit ­unattend:<path\unattend>
3. wpeinit /unattend=<path\unattend>
4. wpeinit /unattend:<path\unattend>
Incorrect Answers:
C: Windows PE utility (Wpeutil) is command-line tool that is used to run various commands in a Windows
PE session. It enables a user to shutdown or restart Windows PE, enable or disable a firewall, set language
settings, and initialize a network.
For example, the following commands can be executed:
Wpeutil shutdown
Wpeutil enablefirewall
Wpeutil reboot
D: Oscdimg is a command-line tool used to create an image file of a customized 32-bit or 64-bit version of
Windows PE.

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