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Which of the following file systems centralizes data and can be used to replicate shared folders to other


B. FAT32



DFS (Distributed File System) centralizes data and can be used to replicate shared folders to other servers.
Distributed File System (DFS) allows users to access files located on another remote host as though
working on the actual host computer. This makes it possible for multiple users on multiple machines to
share files and storage resources. The client nodes do not have direct access to the underlying block
storage but interact over the network using a protocol.
Distributed file systems may include facilities for transparent replication and fault tolerance. That is, when a
limited number of nodes in a file system go offline, the system continues to work without any data loss.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is used to extend the ability to use single sign-on
functionality to Internet-facing applications. With the help of single sign-on and ADFS, a user can give their
customers, partners, and suppliers easy access to Web based applications in the organization, such as
Outlook Web App.
B: The FAT32 file system is an enhancement of the FAT file system. It is more advanced and reliable than
all the earlier versions of the FAT file system. It manages storage space on large hard disks more efficiently
than the FAT16 file system. It uses a smaller cluster size than the FAT16 file system on the hard disk,
thereby reducing the amount of space on the hard disk when users save small files. The FAT32 file system
supports hard disk drives larger than 2GB and up to 2TB.
D: NTFS is a high-performance file system proprietary to Microsoft. NTFS supports file-level security,
compression, and auditing. It also supports large volumes and powerful storage solution such as RAID. The
latest feature of NTFS is its ability to encrypt files and folders to protect sensitive data.

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