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You work as a Server Administrator for company Inc. The company has a Windows-based network
You need to make a balance between accessibility, security, and cost while planning for backup.
Which of the following management methods will allow you to switch to the backup site while repairing the
primary site?

A. Near-line

B. Backup site

C. Off-line

D. On-line

You should use the backup site management method.
This method allows you to switch to the backup site while repairing the primary site. It is a very expensive
solution and it is difficult to implement this solution properly.
Incorrect Answers:
A: The near-line method is less accessible and less expensive than the on- line method. It is used to include
a tape library with restore times ranging from seconds to a few minutes.
C: The off-line method requires some direct human action to manually load tapes into a tape library or drive.
Access time can vary from minutes to hours or days.
D: The on-line method is the most accessible type of data storage in which hard disks or disk arrays are
used. In this method, restore begins in milliseconds.

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